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Addressing Digital inclusion, equity and inequality in technology-mediated learning and teaching in schools

conference contribution
posted on 2024-05-09, 10:38 authored by Felix Kwihangana

This workshop session took place at the ITET 2024 Annual PGCE Conference Inclusion & Inspiration - Education for Social Justice. 12 January 2024. University of Manchester. Felix outlined the fact that as classrooms integrate technology at an unprecedented rate, the risk of digital inequity and inequality looms large, impacting learning opportunities for diverse students. The session delved into the nuanced issues of digital equity and inclusion, exploring their manifestations and identification. With a focus on technology-enhanced/mediated learning and teaching, the presentation navigated research-informed strategies to create inclusive technology-enhanced learning opportunities. It addressed both the challenges and opportunities presented by existing and emerging technologies (such as Generative AI) within the current education policy context. By actively participating in this crucial conversation, we as educators can play a central role in creating and fostering learning opportunities that are more inclusive and equitable in today’s increasingly, yet unequally digitally connected students.