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Digital Library Manchester - do androids dream of electronic resources?

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Digital Library Manchester will deliver a transformative long-term roadmap for the development of our Digital Library. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a role in that roadmap and all the other priority areas you are involved with from Imagine 2030.

With large language model based generative AI chatbots such as OpenAI's ChatGPT hitting the consumer market, every area from Higher Education to health to hieroglyphics is grappling with "so, what does this mean?"

And that is the conversation this breakout session aims to start. Whether generative AI is now augmenting most of your life, or you have only skimmed a Metro headline; you may have started to think about what this apparent rise of AI could bring? From excitement to concern, the possibilities and challenges, the pros and cons.

This breakout session will be part primer, and part workshopping out your thoughts. How could AI transform what we do with collections, research, teaching and learning? How might it change our ways-of-working and what does it mean for sustainability and ED&I? Output from this session will contribute to shaping our Digital Library Manchester roadmap and begin our collective journey further developing the role of Artificial Intelligence in academic research libraries.


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