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Lightning talk - Imagine2030 Ideas Accelerator Fund

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posted on 2024-06-13, 14:40 authored by Ciaran TalbotCiaran Talbot

This talk was presented at the Together24 Library Staff Conference on Wednesday 12th June 2024.

Your ideas are the fuel driving Imagine2030. Across the Library we are encouraged to explore, to test and to build on the ideas developed through our individual and collaborative efforts.

Some ideas can be accommodated within our existing ecosystem, whilst other require some funds to develop. To help enable more of your ideas through to realisation we launched the Imagine2030 Ideas Accelerator Fund. Over the past year colleagues across the Library have submitted ideas in support of our Imagine2030 themes and priority areas ('500 words for £500!')

Ideas currently being funded include bringing examples of researched collections to new audiences in Main Library, unearthing ‘The Elusive Christabel’ as she lay low in Paris and exploring new ways to make Library events more accessible through live captions.

In this lightening talk we will relaunch Imagine2030 Ideas Accelerator Fund for 2024-25. Get ideating!

Ciaran Talbot, Associate Director: AI and Ideas Adoption


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