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Office politics, teacher bullying and what to do about it

conference contribution
posted on 2024-05-09, 11:31 authored by Bob Hindle

This workshop session took place at the ITET 2024 Annual PGCE Conference Inclusion & Inspiration - Education for Social Justice. 12 January 2024. University of Manchester. Bob highlighted how different personalities inhabit all workplaces and the culture of schools and colleges can differ markedly: those with ineffective leaders, a highly demanding workload, and low resources may be more prone to bullying. Teachers may be targeted if they are highly respected by their colleagues and parents; managers may feel threatened if teachers turn to another teacher for advice and guidance. This session looked at how we can identify indicators of bullying, highlights research on likely perpetrators and victims and how we can avoid institutions where bullying is more likely to occur. Bob shared advice on what to do if you’re a victim of bullying: from keeping logs, to looking for supporters and making use of external organisations such as trade unions, ACAS and legal firms. It drew on both research and Bob's practice as a leader and manager.