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Associated code and data for Singh et al. (2024) manuscript: “Consumption of the non-nutritive sweetener stevia for 12 weeks does not alter the composition of the human gut microbiota”

posted on 2024-01-23, 10:05 authored by Gurdeep SinghGurdeep Singh, Andrew J. McBain, John T. McLaughlin, Nikoleta Stamataki

Data and code necessary to reproduce the main text figures for: Singh et al. (2024) Consumption of the non-nutritive sweetener stevia for 12 weeks does not alter the composition of the human gut microbiota, has been included. Specifically, two data files (SteviaPhyloseq.rds and Treatmentforests.rdata) and the code required to produce the figures (SteviaMainTextFiguresFinal.R) are attached.

Abstract from publication is included below:

'The use of non-nutritive sweeteners (NNSs) as an alternative to caloric sugars has increased in recent years. Stevia is an NNS that has demonstrated beneficial effects on appetite and energy intake. However, the impact on the gut microbiota is not well understood. Therefore, we investigated how regular consumption of stevia, for up to 12 weeks, impacts the human gut microbiota. Healthy subjects with a normal body mass index participated in our study; the stevia group (n = 14) was asked to consume five drops of stevia twice daily, compared to control participants (n = 13). Faecal samples collected before and after treatment were analysed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Stevia did not cause significant changes in the alpha or beta diversity when compared to the control groups. When the relative abundances of taxa were investigated, no clear differences were detected. Conversely, a random forest analysis correctly associated the gut microbiome with the control and stevia groups with an average of 75% accuracy, suggesting that there are intrinsic patterns that could discriminate between control and stevia use. However, large-scale changes in the gut microbiota were not apparent in this study, and, therefore, our data suggest that stevia does not significantly impact the gut microbiota.'


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