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Data of cognitive task performance and illuminance collected by a smartphone app

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posted on 2022-07-01, 15:39 authored by Altug DidikogluAltug Didikoglu, Marina Gardesevic, Samuel JD Lawrence, Céline Vetter, Timothy M Brown, Annette E Allen, Robert J Lucas

Data was collected by a smartphone app (Brighter Time) to capture measures of cognitive performance and light exposure during everyday life. The app incorporated a psychomotor vigilance (PVT), an N2-back, and a visual search task with questionnaire-based assessments of sleep timing. The app also measured illuminance during task completion using the smartphone’s intrinsic light meter. Data was collected in a pilot feasibility study of Brighter Time based upon 91 week-long running Brighter Time on their own smartphones. Data: ambient light (log lx), kss score (Karolinska Sleepiness Scale), median reaction times (ms), number of lapses in PVT (>500ms), hit rate (%), false alarm rate (%), 90th percentile of reaction times (ms), 10th percentile of reaction times (ms), inverse efficiency score, d-prime for N-back task, search efficieny slope for visual search task.    


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