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Dataset Far-Right "Truth" Industry

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posted on 2022-02-07, 12:23 authored by Beatriz BuarqueBeatriz Buarque, Polina Zavershinskaia, Alex Thomin, Alessio Scopelliti, Sophie Schmalenberger

Dataset used for the exploratory study on how xenophobic discourses have been articulated as "truth" by media outlets and think tanks in France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, and United Kingdom

Data collection:

Using the official twitter account of prominent far-right parties as a point of departure (National Rally, NR - France; Alternative für Deutschland, AfD - Germany; Forum voor Democratie, FvD - Netherlands; Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, LDPR - Russia; and UK Independent Party, UKIP - United Kingdom), media outlets and think tanks explicitely committed to a far-right agenda (displaying overt discriminatory views towards immigrants) were identified in June 2021.

News pieces and reports available on their website or YouTube Channel between June and July 2021 had their titles copied and pasted on the dataset, serving as a basis for a critical discourse analysis aiming at identifying similarities in terms of (a) "truths" targeting immigrants and their alleged supporters and (b) legitimation techniques.

All data was anonymised. As a joint exploratory study not involving human beings and with fully anonymised data, this research did not require Ethical approval.