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Genetic instruments for Mendelian Randomization analyses of childhood and adult BMI

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posted on 2022-06-20, 09:39 authored by Sizheng ZhaoSizheng Zhao, John Bowes, Anne Barton, George Davey Smith, Tom G. Richardson

This file lists variants used as instrumental variables for the manuscript "Separating the effects of childhood and adult body size on inflammatory arthritis: a Mendelian randomisation study".

We selected independent (linkage disequilibrium threshold of r2<0.001 using PLINK and a reference panel of 10,000 randomly selected Europeans from UK Biobank) genome-wide significant (p<5x10-8) SNPs, resulting in 313 childhood and 580 adult body size instruments. For multivariable MR, we repeated LD clumping for the combined set of SNPs from both exposures.  


Versus Arthritis (grant number 21173, grant number 21754 and grant number 21755)


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