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Interactive information dashboards user performance, low-level interaction data and interaction patterns.

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posted on 2023-03-30, 09:22 authored by Mohammed AlhamadiMohammed Alhamadi, Sarah ClinchSarah Clinch, Markel VigoMarkel Vigo

A study on four interaction and information presentation dashboard problems:

1. information overload,

2. inappropriate data order and grouping

3. ineffective data presentation

4. misalignment in visual literacy expectations

Each dashboard had two types: problematic and adapted. Then each type had two tasks.

File 1 (dependent and independent variables):

63 participants completed the experiment, so for each user, we have user graph literacy (0-4), effectiveness(0 or 1 for each task), efficiency (completion time in minutes for each task), perceived performance (0-20 for each task) and perceived cognitive demand (0-20 for each task).

File 2 (interaction data):

50 participants interacted with the dashboards while their low-level inttraction data was being collected using UCIVIT tool. The zip file contains 50 JSON files for each participant on eight dashboards.

File 3 (interaction patterns):

Using VMSP sequential pattern mining algorithm, we mined the low-level interaction data to find the patterns of behaviour exhibited by the participants. This file explains the benchmarking used to arrive at the parameters used and lists all the patterns found on each dashboard. It also further explains all the interpretations of events on all elements.


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