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International city-level decarbonisation projects November 2022 snapshot

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posted on 2023-08-02, 16:19 authored by Harriet BartonHarriet Barton

This dataset contains a list of international city-level sustainability intervention case studies as part of a PhD research project. This PhD project examines accelerating city-level climate action, and is co-funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), with the aim of informing action within Greater Manchester and producing insights for cities worldwide.

The list gathers publicly available data on 187 case studies (from sources such as C40 cities and Carbon Disclosure Project). Key details are collated, including the location of the case study and the population of the city it was conducted in. It then maps the case studies on to the six categories taken from the Greater Manchester 5-year Environment Plan 2019-2024. The categories include: Transport, Buildings, Energy, Resilience, Nature, Resources, and Other – the Other category was added to encapsulate those case studies that did not fall into the first six categories. Many of these sustainability projects occupy multiple categories and therefore each has been assigned a primary and secondary category to demonstrate the main area that the case study falls into and the next most relevant area so that they can be easily filtered to find what the user is looking for. There is then a column for GMCA relevant keywords, then a brief description of the project followed by the date it started. If you hover over the description of the intervention, you can see more detail in the comment. The next set of columns describe the carbon saving and recorded carbon saving of each intervention. Then the cost, time to set up, and time to see results columns have data missing as there was insufficient time to find this out. Finally, there is a column that lists all of the co-benefits of implementing each case study and the link to where the information was gathered. Website databases such as C40 cities and Carbon Disclosure Project were used to collate this list.

This list outlines examples of the multitude of ways different cities are attempting to decarbonisation across the world. If decision-makers need inspiration in a certain sustainability category this list can be filtered to the specifications needed and then a case study can be studied for information on how cities can decarbonise. It is not an exhaustive list of case studies from around the world, but provides a snapshot of those who have contributed to international databases that monitor the sustainability initiatives of cities.

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