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Memory Devices: A Systematic Review of Device-Mediated Memory Performance Dataset

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posted on 2021-09-03, 14:18 authored by Madeleine SteedsMadeleine Steeds, Sarah Clinch, Elisabeth Morgan, Caroline JayCaroline Jay
A CSV file containing the records generated from searching "Scopus", "IEEE Xplore", "ACM Digital Library", and "PsycInfo" with the search string TS = ((memor* OR recogni* OR recal*) AND (cogniti* OR metacogniti*)
AND (device* OR (mobile* OR phone OR cell* OR smartphone* AND (laptop* OR computer* OR tablet* OR console*)) AND (compar* OR
effect* OR review*))). For each record we provide the title, authors, URI, DOI (if available), and whether the record was included in the final sample.


EPSRC EP/R513131/1 (studentship 2169193)


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