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Model outputs 1: all simulations excluding mode 2 sensitivity tests

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posted on 2022-10-12, 07:42 authored by Rachel JamesRachel James, Jonathan Crosier, Paul J. Connolly

This dataset contains the model outputs for all simulations except the mode 2 sensitivity studies.

Data file structure

The model output files are provided in the netCDF file format (.nc). The model output filename convection is as follows:

where depth (deep or shallow) indicates the cloud depth, aerosol (natural or nearcity) indicates the aerosol size distribution, temp (cold or warm) indicates the cloud base temperature, updraft (05, 2 or 10) indicates the updraft speed, a(01,1,10)INP indicates the INP concentration, and # is a number and indicates the secondary ice production (SIP) mechanism (see details below).

# refers to the SIP as follows:

000    control (no SIP)

001    M1

002    CB

003    M1+CB

004    M2

005    M1+M2

006    M2+CB

007    M1+M2+CB

008    RS

009    RS+M1

010    RS+CB

011    RS+M1+CB

012    RS+M2

013    RS+M1+M2

014    RS+M2+CB

015    RS+M1+M2+CB

For example, refers to a simulation with no SIP mechanisms with a cloud depth of 1.3 km, a natural aerosol size distribution, a cloud base temperature of 0 °C, an updraft speed of 0.5 m s-1 and x1 INP concentration.


Using high-speed holography to quantify secondary ice processes

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