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Ncounter Fibrosis panel gene expression analysis

posted on 2021-05-26, 15:49 authored by Dominik RuckerlDominik Ruckerl
zip. folders containing the raw data files (.rcc) from the Ncounter Flex system as well as
the associated nSolver advanced analysis.

Mice were injected with peritoneal dialysis fluid (Physioneal 40, 3.86% glucose, Baxter Healthcare) or dialysis fluid supplemented with 40 mM Methylglyoxal once daily, 5 times a week for a total of 14 injections and whole PEC isolated and subjected to RNA-isolation and Ncounter-transcript analysis. As control naive, uninjected mice were used.
Groups of samples:
1-3: naive
4-6: Physioneal
7-9: Physioneal + Methylglyoxal


IMPC: Faithful to the worm - Oasl1 mediated control of M(IL-4) activation and plasticity in helminth infection

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