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Raz Blanchard ADCP Processed Data

posted on 2023-10-10, 15:37 authored by Hannah MullingsHannah Mullings, Timothy Stallard, Samuel Draycott

This dataset supports the Energies journal paper "Evaluation of Model Predictions of the Unsteady Tidal Stream Resource and Turbine Fatigue Loads Relative to Multi-Point Flow Measurements at Raz Blanchard" and comprises of six files. Each file corresponds to an ADCP location, NH1, MU and NH2 and a vertical position of a turbine, near surface (hub at 15 m below the surface) or near bed (hub 15 m above the bed). With the hub height above the bed given as Zhub in metres above bed, the disk averaged velocity and disk averaged turbulence intensity is provided for a turbine with a diameter of 18 m. The vertical shear profile is also provided through a series of vertical positions with 3 m spacing. The velocities have been provided as absolute values with the mean measured direction for each sample.


European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG France (Channel) England Programme: Interreg VA