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Scanning Electron Microscope data of UOCs for PhD Thesis "Investigation of the water abundance and H-isotope composition of unequilibrated ordinary chondrites"

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posted on 2024-01-23, 13:10 authored by Helen GrantHelen Grant

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) data of unequilibrated ordrinary chondrites (UOCs), divided into separate folders for each individual sample. Folders are subdivided and contain:

  • BSE_Overview.bmp - A backscattered electron (BSE) image of the whole UOC sample
  • [NAME]_[ELEMENT].bmp - Individual X-ray maps for each element across the whole sample
  • Matrix - Folder containing higher resolution BSE and X-ray maps of potential fine-grained matrix regions. Areas are numbered. In some cases may also contain:
    • [NAME].pptx - A powerpoint file with individual matrix regions which have had energy dispersive spectrum (EDS) analysis on them. Regions of matrix are labelled with mineral compositions.
  • [NAME] numbered.png - A BSE image of the whole UOC sample with numbered representing the fine-grained matrix regions found in the 'Matrix' folder.
  • After SIMS - A folder containing BSE images of areas which have undergone secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) analysis but not yet been repolished. Regions of SIMS can be clearly identified by their lack of gold coating. Within this folder there may also be
    • [NAME] numbered.png/.xcf - An image or GIMP file showing the locations of SIMS measurements across the whole sample.
  • Normalised - Folder containing X-ray maps for the whole sample normalised to look like heat maps (only a few samples have this folder).

Some samples will not contain all of the above folders if they were falls or did not contain much fine-grained material and therefore did not undergo further analysis than initial observations.


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