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Setting Hearing Aids for Older Adults (SHAOA): trial data, participant demographics, hearing aid fitting metrics, speech test results and preferences.

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posted on 2023-09-22, 08:49 authored by Richard WindleRichard Windle

The data was collected over two legs of a crossover randomised control trial. Participants were provided with hearing aids and trialled them with two settings: fast and slow-acting compression. The order of the compression speed was randomised and blinded.

The data includes the following: subject information (age, gender, hearing threshold); order of fitting (compression speed randomisation); unaided speech understanding in quiet and noise; objective and subjective benefit data after trial 1 and trial 2 (self-reported measures COSI and VAS, aided speech understanding in quiet and noise); preference rating for trial 1 or trial 2; four cognitive tests (RAVLT, RST, FT, DSST) and a composite measure of cognition (Cog_Z).

A detailed description of each variable was included in pre-registration at:


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