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Thesis chapter 4 supplementry Raw microsatellites calls: genotypes used for this study..xlsx (74.79 kB)

Supplementary Data chapter 4 Raw microsatellites calls for "Target site (knockdown resistance) gene mutations and population genetic structure of Aedes aegypti in Saudi Arabia".

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posted on 2023-04-28, 08:42 authored by Abadi MashlawiAbadi Mashlawi

 The microsatellite genotyping was performed by Eurofins Genomics (Germany). Samples that did not amplify in the multiplex were repeated in a single-plex reaction. From the 428 samples we sent for genotyping, fewer than 16 samples did not get a complete profile (~96.26 genotyping success). The resulting allele fragments peak sizes were identified, analysed, and scored using the GeneMapper software (Applied Biosystems) with internal size standard LIZ500. 


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