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Supporting Information Table S1 to accompany Darvill et al. (2022) Cordilleran Ice Sheet Stability During the Last Deglaciation. Geophysical Research Letters.

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posted on 2022-05-04, 09:01 authored by Christopher DarvillChristopher Darvill, Brian Menounos, Brent Goehring, Alie Lesnek

Data accompanying

Sample information and cosmogenic 10Be nuclide exposure dating results for all sites used in this study. Samples were measured relative to 10Be/9Be primary standard 07KNSTD (Nishiizumi et al., 2007). 10Be exposure ages are calculated using Version 3 of Balco et al.’s (2008) online calculator ( relative to the production rate dataset in Borchers et al. (2016) and ‘LSDn’ scaling scheme (Lifton et al., 2014).


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