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TPI UK ITL1 Scorecards

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posted on 2023-01-30, 11:13 authored by Olga Menukhin, Fokke Reitze GoumaFokke Reitze Gouma, Raquel Ortega-ArgilesRaquel Ortega-Argiles

This dataset includes scorecards for all 12 ITL1 regions in the United Kingdom. These scorecards indicate for each ITL1 region how well the region is peforming as compared to the median of all ITL1 regions in the UK, for a broad set of indicators. These indicators are considered to be drivers of productivity and are classified according to five broad categories:  Business performance & characteristics; Skills & training; Policy & institutions; Health & wellbeing; Investment, infrastructure & connectivity.

The sources and methodology of the indicators, and their use in the scorecards is included, as well as a brief overview of this project.


The Productivity Institute

Economic and Social Research Council

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