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TPI UK ITL3 Scorecards

The TPI UK ITL3 scorecards are produced to assess the United Kingdom's subregional productivity performance through a range of productivity indicators and drivers. These scorecards include data for 179 regions, defined by the International Territorial Level 3 (ITL3). In addition data is available for 12 aggregate ITL1 geographies, covering the whole of the United Kingdom. Data is available for three indicators of productivity, and 12 productivity drivers, for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The current ITL3 scorecards complement the TPI UK ITL1 Productivity Scorecards, published by the Productivity Lab in January 2023. Providing a higher level of geographical granularity, the ITL3 scorecards can be used as a tool by policymakers at the regional level, to assess the productivity performance in their region, both relative to their ITL1 parent region as well as the UK as a whole, including key indicators that influence this performance.

This dataset includes:

  • Sources and methods documentation
  • 12 PDF files with the ITL3 scorecards for each of the ITL1 regions in the United Kingdom

Files under embargo until December 1:

  • Harmonised Input data at the ITL3 level
  • Bulk data file with scorecard indicators and drivers at the ITL3 and ITL1 level


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