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TPI UK Intangibles Growth-Accounting data set

posted on 2022-11-29, 14:42 authored by Peter Goodridge, Jonathan Haskel

TPI's UK Intangible Growth-Accounting dataset uses the latest ONS data on UK intangible investment at a detailed asset and industry level for the period 1998-2019, and is integrated with the latest version of the UK national accounts data. The dataset consists of data for two alternative models, the first based on national accounts and the second incorporating all intangibles currently uncapitalised in national accounts. It is published by The Productivity Lab, which is part of The Productivity Institute. It consists of the following files:

1. Data and methods in the pdf file format. This document describes the dataset, the data sources used, and the methods used to compile the dataset. 

2. TPI UK Intangibles Growth Accounting dataset, in the excel file format (xlsx). This file includes: a general information sheet; a meta data sheet with variable descriptions; a data sheet with the data in a vertical file format; a pivot sheet, that presents the data in a pivot table, using a 2-dimensional format, with filters that allows the user to create custom selections from data.

Attribution Requirement: 

When using these data (for whatever purpose), please make the following reference:

P. Goodridge, J. Haskel (2022), "Accounting for the slowdown in UK innovation and productivity",  Working Paper No. 022, The Productivity Institute


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