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UK Biobank blood pressure GWAS summary statistics using 337,422 unrelated white European individuals

posted on 2023-12-21, 09:56 authored by Xiaoguang XuXiaoguang Xu

Three blood pressure traits were analysed: systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and pulse pressure (PP; the difference between SBP and DBP). Mean SBP and DBP values from automated values were calculated. After calculating blood pressure values, SBP and DBP were adjusted for medication use by adding 15 and 10 mm Hg to their values, respectively, for individuals reported to be taking blood pressure–lowering medication.

For the UK Biobank GWAS, we performed linear mixed model (LMM) association testing under an additive genetic model of the three continuous, medication-adjusted blood pressure traits (SBP, DBP, PP) for all measured and imputed genetic variants (Data Field-22828) with MAF>=1% and imputation score>=0.3 in dosage format using the BOLT-LMM (v2.4.1) software. Covariates were age, age2, sex, BMI, genotyping array and 10PCs. Genomic inflation was not applied to the GWAS summary statistics.

Sample QC was described below:

We included up to 337,422 individuals from UK Biobank for the purpose of this project. We followed UK Biobank sample-based quality control criteria (Nature 2018;562:203-209); excluded were samples/individuals based on the following criteria: (i) outliers in heterozygosity and missingness, (ii) self-reported gender not consistent with genetic data inferred gender (ii) sample call rate (computed using probesets internal to Affymetrix) <97% or the resolution of the distributions of intensity 'contrast' values <0·82, (iii) carriers of sex chromosomal abnormalities (configurations other than XX or XY), (iv) subjects who had cryptic relatedness with other individuals, or (v) individuals of non-white British genetic ancestry.


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