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Project online exhibition: Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America

posted on 2023-08-03, 17:02 authored by Peter WadePeter Wade, Ignacio Aguiló, Lúcia Sá, Carlos Correa Angulo, Ana Vivaldi, Jamille Pinheiro Dias

The exhibition presents works by artists with whom we built up collaborative relationships during the project “Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America”. The project aimed to explore how artists in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia address racial diversity and how they use their art to challenge racism and deeply entrenched racial inequality. The project took place at a time when, despite recent policy shifts towards multiculturalism, racism was intensifying and becoming increasingly violent. Over about twelve months, overshadowed by the Covid pandemic, CARLA researchers developed collaborations with artists using diverse creative media, including painting, photography, dance, theatre, musical performance, poetry and performance.

The artists we worked with in Brazil all self-identified as Indigenous. In Colombia, the artists mainly self-identified as Afro-Colombian or Black, but we also worked with artists who did not identify in these ways. In Argentina, we worked with Black and Mapuche Indigenous artists, but also with a collective whose members self-identified as marrón (brown, chestnut) and as descendants of Indigenous and peasant farmer ancestors.

The exhibition is organised by country and, within each country section, by the artist or art collective, as follows:


  • Teatro en Sepia (Alejandra Egido)
  • El Grupo de Teatro Mapuche “El Katango” (Miriam Alvarez and Lorena Cañuqueo)
  • Identidad Marrón (including América Canela, Abril Carissimo, Flora Alvarado, Alejandro Mamani, Rebe López, David Gudiño, Daniela Ruiz, Euge Choque)
  • Eskina Qom (Brian and Nahuel López)


  • Arissana Pataxó
  • Naine Terena
  • Denilson Baniwa
  • Jaider Esbell
  • Owerá (previously known as Kunumi MC)
  • Olinda Yawar Tupinamba


  • Corporación Cultural Afrocolombiana Sankofa Danzafro
  • Pedro Blas
  • Hanna Ramírez
  • Ashanti Dinah
  • Wilson Borja
  • Las Emperadoras de la Champeta (Mily Martinez Iriarte, Eucaris Torres Gutiérrez, Carmen Elena de Hoyos Pabuena, Natalia "Nativa" Díaz Padilla, Carmen Elena de Hoyos Pabuena, Margarita Cecilia García Villalba, Lidis Paternina, Erika Lucía Ochoa Durán, Diana Guardo Caraballo, Marcela Rocío Gómez Cortes, Leonor Moreno Palomino, Saray Lorduy Lombana)
  • Margarita Ariza Aguilar
  • Yeison Riascos
  • Liliana Angulo Cortés
  • Colectivo Aguaturbia (Liliana Angulo Cortés, Laura Asprilla Carrillo, Wilson Borja Marroquín, Paola Lucumi, Loretta M. Moreno, Natalia Mosquera Valencia, Leonardo Rua Puerta)
  • Corporación Afrocolombiana de Desarrollo Social y Cultural – CARABANTÚ


Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America

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