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Plant Root XRF Cross Sections

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posted on 2022-07-21, 12:30 authored by James DinsleyJames Dinsley, Helena Davies, Miguel Gomez-Gonzalez, Clare Robinson, Jon Pittman

X-ray fluorescence maps illustrating (A) Ca distribution, (B) Cu distribution, (C) Zn distribution and (D) U distribution within cryogenically preserved, transverse-cut thin (30 µm) sections of a Primula vulgaris root generated on a soft- to hard-energy X-ray, micro-focus beamline (Diamond I18). A grayscale image of the Zn scan is shown (E) indicating root structural features with soil artefacts labeled as ‘A’. An XRF map illustrating Zn distribution within a high pressure frozen and resin preserved, transverse-cut thin (10 µm) section of a Plantago lanceolata root generated on a hard-energy X-ray, micro- to nano-focus beamline (Diamond I14) is shown (F). Brighter intensity of color on each map indicates a higher concentration of the target element, while image saturation between maps was variably enhanced for optimal visual clarity, so color intensity of separate maps cannot be compared. One area of plant U accumulation is observed (i), whilst arrows ii – v indicate the soil artefacts. 

This figure is to be included within the upcoming journal review article entitled "The value of synchrotron radiation X-ray techniques to explore microscale chemistry for ecology and evolution research" and can be used for both interpreting and cross-comparing plant root chemistry for common meadow species (Primula/Plantago) and also as a means to demonstrate the difference in data quality for visualising cells between using the I14 and I18 beamlines at the Diamond Light Source. May work well as a supporting resource for others who are using synchrotron beamlines for imaging plant materials.


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