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Educational animation for participants in a study investigating preferences for a pharmacogenetic service in primary care in the NHS

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posted on 2023-10-31, 10:56 authored by John McdermottJohn Mcdermott

Video created for a discrete choice experiment (DCE) to measure public stakeholder preferences for pharmacogenetic testing in the NHS. A DCE is a survey-based method used to quantify stated preferences for health, states, goods, or services. This animation was presented to participants prior to completing the DCE to introduce the concept of pharmacogenetics to them, and to introduce them to the DCE.


Determining the Clinical Utility of Pre-emptive Pharmacogenetic Testing and Defining Optimal Models for Implementation

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Research ethics approval number

This study was approved by the University of Manchester Research Ethics Committee following proportionate review on 21 June 2023 (REF: 2023-16921-29848).

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