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posted on 2021-06-16, 10:25 authored by Gunter JustGunter Just
Sieving of fine fraction: The spring-loaded gate for the fine fraction is actuated by the cam profile based on the inlet position, which allows the fines to exit the outlet port and fall through the arm into the storage container. The cam profile is optimised to open the gate slowly at the beginning (to minimize material loss) and faster once the connection of inlet and arm is almost made. The vibration motor is running to facilitate size separation. This operation continues until no more fines are registered entering the storage container, which stops the motor. Optionally, the arm can be moved back and forth to facilitate the separation process and prevent consolidation of the soil in the sieve (see Section 4). The coarse particles remain inside the inlet and the mechanism moves into position 4, where the inlet is rotated ~ 110° back.


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