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posted on 2021-12-06, 09:43 authored by Jakub GemperleJakub Gemperle
Included movies are separate files relevant to the "DExCon, DExogron, LUXon: on-demand expression control of endogenous genes reveals dynamics of Rab11 family members" study: Movies S1-S4 show the advantage of mNeonGreen-Rab11a / mCherry-Rab11b double DExCon (A2780) cells for fluorescence live-cell imaging microscopy (Spinning Disc 3i). Movies S5-S7 show spatiotemporal control of mNeonGreen-Rab25 LUXon cells (A2780) with silenced Rab25 re-activated from genome using blue light (Spinning Disc 3i). Movies S8-S12 show triple knock in A2780 cells (mNeonGreen-Rab11a; mCherry-Rab11b; mTagBFP2-Rab25 DExCon) treated by dox (>94 h); D-F) recycling Alexa-647 labelled Transferrin (Tr647; 30 minutes). Imaging by AiryScan LSM880 or by 3i Lattice LightSheet microscope. Movies S13-S15 and S17 show protein expression kinetics of Rab11s DExCons and degradation kinetics of Rab11s DExogrons (Incucyte® S3 system). Movie S16 shows wound healing experiment automatically imaged and analysed in real time by Incucyte® S3 system of cells as indicated (Rab11s DExCons / DExogrons; shRNA anti-Rab11a or b; A2780).


Endosome positioning in tumour-stroma interactions

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