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A View From Afar – Capturing Learning Experiences Within a Qualitative Remote Research Project.

posted on 2022-11-25, 14:57 authored by Sarah MacQuarrieSarah MacQuarrie



In this video, Dr Sarah MacQuarrie discusses: 

- How school models translate into the outdoor learning environment. Giving consideration to teachers’ perceptions of outdoor learning, learning spaces and their self-efficacy about teaching in the outdoor learning setting.

- How utilising interleaving and fading instructional support approaches within data collection procedures can be used to gather rich data and deeper participant engagement in research 

- The use of reflective accounts, maps and surveys to collect remote longitudinal qualitative data 

- Reflections on the importance of relationship development between practitioners and researchers within remote longitudinal qualitative research


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Citation of publication: MacQuarrie, S. (2018). Everyday teaching and outdoor learning: developing an integrated approach to support school-based provision. Education 3-13, 46(3), 345-361.

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The article is also being included in a special publication celebrating the journal Education 3-13, being published Autumn 2022. The book title is Contemporary Issues in Primary Education Fifty Years of Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education and can be accessed here: