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Corporatised fabrications: Addressing methodologically research participants’ lies

posted on 2022-11-25, 14:56 authored by Helen Gunter, Steve Courtney



Professor Helen Gunter and Professor Steve Courtney discuss:

- The use of case studies and biographical narratives to explore the corporatised fabrications made by and to school leaders and how political and societal constructs influence their narratives

- The importance of utilising theoretical tools (such as considerations of political and societal theories) to dissect and interrogate participant narratives 

- The role of social constructionism.

- Issues with the co-construction of data between researcher and research participant 

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Citation of publication: Courtney, S.J. and Gunter, H. M. (2020) Corporatised fabrications: the methodological challenges of professional biographies at a time of neoliberalisation . In: Lynch, J., Rowlands, J., Gale, T. and Parker, S. (Eds) Practice Methodologies in Education Research. 27-47