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Critical Discourse Analysis: Giving voice to issues of power and justice within a poverty and disadvantage research programme

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posted on 2022-11-25, 14:57 authored by Carl Emery



In this video, join Dr Carl Emery for 

- Considerations of the utility of critical discourse analysis (CDA), a discussion of CDA models and tools for employing CDA

- Discussion of CDA as an approach, the nature of the subjective researcher influence in CDA and the epistemological implications of this

- Using CDA to investigate social justice and power within the context of poverty and education 

- An overview of the Local Matters research programme; an initiative training teachers to undertake action research to explore poverty within their local context to bring about change within their school community through practice and policy 

- An engaging discussion with viewers debating their CDA interpretations in a live exercise


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Citation of publication:

Emery, C., Raffo, C., Dawes, L. (Forthcoming) The local matters- working with teachers to rethink the poverty and achievement gap discourse. Education Policy Analysis Archives

Emery, C., Dawes, L. (2021) Local Matters: Case studies of a University/school poverty research programme. National Education Union