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Slides – Akinloluwa Babalola – Open Research Conference 2024

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posted on 2024-05-07, 17:40 authored by Akinloluwa BabalolaAkinloluwa Babalola

Slides used by Akinloluwa Babalola for the University of Manchester Open Research Conference 2024.

Title: Building a Smart Guide for Open Research: A Decision Tree Toolkit for Engineering Postgraduate Research Students

Abstract: Open research practices are important for enhancing the transparency, reliability, and visibility of research. Yet, many engineering postgraduate research students find themselves either unaware of or unable to incorporate these practices into their studies. Recognising this gap, an internal open research grant has been secured to build an innovative decision tree toolkit. In collaboration with Michael Stevenson in the office for open research at the University of Manchester and Matt Parkman who is an IT specialist, the decision tree has integrated with an online platform, designed to guide students through the complexities of integrating open research into their work, thereby promoting scientific advancement.

The online decision tree toolkit offers a clear, step-by-step guide for students to publicly share their research findings, engage with open data, and utilise open-source software tools essential for pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry. It is crafted to break down the barriers that have previously deterred students from adopting open research practices, providing them with the actionable guidance needed to share their data, methodologies, and findings openly. Such transparency not only enhances the reproducibility of research but also cultivates a collaborative scientific community where information and ideas are freely exchanged.

Following the trial phase, the open research team plans to extensively promote this online tool to a broader student audience. Therefore, the tool would further improve awareness among engineering postgraduate research students regarding the crucial role of openness in research. In essence, this toolkit is more than just a resource; it is a catalyst for transforming engineering postgraduate research students into proponents of a transparent, reproducible, and open research ecosystem.


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