University of Manchester

Andrea Nini


  • Bridging the gap between stylistic and cognitive approaches to authorship analysis using Systemic Functional Linguistics and multidimensional analysis
  • Analyzing lexical emergence in Modern American English online 1
  • Register variation in malicious forensic texts
  • The application of growth curve modeling for the analysis of diachronic corpora
  • An authorship analysis of the Jack the Ripper letters
  • Attributing the Bixby Letter using n-gram tracing
  • Mapping lexical innovation on American social media
  • Developing forensic authorship profiling
  • Mapping Lexical Dialect Variation in British English using Twitter
  • The Multi-Dimensional Analysis Tagger
  • Corpus Analysis in Forensic Linguistics
  • Individuality in syntactic variation
  • Register variation remains stable across 60 languages
  • A Theory of Linguistic Individuality for Authorship Analysis
  • The Statistical Approximation Hypothesis
  • Why do function word frequencies vary across individuals?
  • A formal model of lexicogrammatical individuality
  • Validation in Forensic Text Comparison: Issues and Opportunities

Andrea Nini's public data