University of Manchester

Jon Kragskow

PhD Student

Manchester, United Kingdom


  • Structural Characterization of Lithium and Sodium Bulky Bis(silyl)amide Complexes
  • Heteroleptic samarium(iii) halide complexes probed by fluorescence-detected L3-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy.
  • Enhancing Magnetic Hysteresis in Single-Molecule Magnets by Ligand Functionalization
  • Heteroleptic Samarium(III) Chalcogenide Complexes: Opportunities for Giant Exchange Coupling in Bridging σ- and π-Radical Lanthanide Dichalcogenides
  • Ultrahard magnetism from mixed-valence dilanthanide complexes with metal-metal bonding
  • Ab Initio Prediction of High-Temperature Magnetic Relaxation Rates in Single-Molecule Magnets
  • Analysis of vibronic coupling in a 4f molecular magnet with FIRMS
  • Structural evolution of paramagnetic lanthanide compounds in solution compared to time- and ensemble-average structures
  • Characterisation of magnetic relaxation on extremely long timescales
  • A Trinuclear Gadolinium Cluster with a Three-Center One-Electron Bond and an S = 11 Ground State
  • Accurate and efficient spin-phonon coupling and spin dynamics calculations for molecular solids
  • Spin-phonon coupling and magnetic relaxation in single-molecule magnets
  • AtomAccess: A predictive tool for molecular design and its application to the targeted synthesis of dysprosium single-molecule magnets
  • Enhancing Magnetic Hysteresis in Single-Molecule Magnets by Ligand Functionalisation
  • Accurate and Efficient Spin-Phonon Coupling and Spin Dynamics Calculations for Molecular Solids
  • AtomAccess: A Predictive Tool for Molecular Design and Its Application to the Targeted Synthesis of Dysprosium Single-Molecule Magnets

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