University of Manchester

Stephen Church

Research Associate (Physical sciences)

Manchester, UK


  • Photoluminescence studies of cubic GaN epilayers
  • Effect of stacking faults on the photoluminescence spectrum of zincblende GaN
  • Insight into the impact of atomic- and nano-scale indium distributions on the optical properties of InGaN/GaN quantum well structures grown on m-plane freestanding GaN substrates
  • High Performance Software in Multidimensional Reduction Methods for Image Processing with Application to Ancient Manuscripts
  • Stacking fault-associated polarized surface-emitted photoluminescence from zincblende InGaN/GaN quantum wells
  • Effect of Micron-scale Photoluminescence Variation on Droop Measurements in InGaN/GaN Quantum Wells
  • Photoluminescence efficiency of zincblende InGaN/GaN quantum wells
  • The effect of thermal annealing on the optical properties of Mg-doped zincblende GaN epilayers
  • Effect of Si-doped InGaN underlayers on photoluminescence efficiency and recombination dynamics in InGaN/GaN quantum wells
  • Improving Quantum Well Tube Homogeneity Using Strained Nanowire Heterostructures
  • Optical characterisation of nanowire lasers
  • Holistic Determination of Optoelectronic Properties using High-Throughput Spectroscopy of Surface-Guided CsPbBr3 Nanowires
  • Characterization of buried interfaces using Ga Kα hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES)
  • Holistic Nanowire Laser Characterization as a Route to Optimal Design

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