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PGCE Conference 2023: Inclusion and Inspiration - Education for Social Justice

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Posted on 2023-03-06 - 13:28 authored by Sarah MacQuarrie


The Manchester Institute of Education’s ITE conference ‘Inclusion and Inspiration: Education for Social Justice’ was held online on 13th January 2023. It included keynotes and seminars on issues of critical importance to practising teachers and trainees. 300+ delegates attended two keynote lectures delivered by the University of Manchester’s Chancellor Nazir Afzal OBE, author and broadcaster Jeffrey Boakye and educational psychologist David Lamb. Breakout session topics ranged from managing stress and anxiety, the effect of poverty on learning, LGBTQ+ rights in schools to critiquing the concept of British Values, teacher wellbeing and cultural capital. The expertise shared by all guest speakers provided delegates with opportunities to discuss and reflect on the need for social justice in education and learn about inclusive practices to enhance classroom experiences for themselves and their pupils. We have created a repository for the content of the keynotes and presentations to enable further engagement with the inclusive educational practices discussed throughout the day. 


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