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Complete research data for: Holistic nanowire laser characterization as a route to optimal design

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posted on 2023-01-17, 09:57 authored by Stephen ChurchStephen Church, Patrick ParkinsonPatrick Parkinson

Full dataset supporting the publication "Holistic nanowire laser characterization as a route to optimal design". 

This includes experimental results from 5195 individual GaAs/GaAsP nanowire lasers using a multitude of experimental techniques, including: photoluminescence spectroscopy, time-correlated single photon counting, optical and electron-microscope imaging and interferometry. 

The dataset includes raw data of each experiment, as well as metadata, and parameters extracted from data analysis of each nanowire. The parameters include: nanowire dimensions, optical bandgaps, quantum well widths, carrier lifetimes, lasing thresholds and wavelengths, coherence lengths, cavity reflectivities and cavity losses. 

The dataset enables correlations to be drawn between these independently measured parameters to assess the factors that influence the performance of the nanowire lasers. As discussed in the publication, it was found that it is the carrier lifetimes, and thus the properties of the gain medium, that have the largest impact on the performance. 

This dataset is a demonstration of the holistic approach to characterisation of optoelectronic nanostructures/devices. The approach is modular and scalable by design, and therefore suitable for characterisation of other NWL material systems, whilst being widely applicable to emerging opto-electronic materials. 


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